All dogs lead to the K9 Academy

One to One Training

Sometimes there are reasons why working in a class situation is not the best option. Some dogs are disruptive or do not cope well round other dogs. We can offer one to one training to help you move forward with your dog. 

Please note – we cannot accept aggressive dogs in any of our classes.
Professional Behaviour advice should be sought.

Puppy Agility & Play Sessions (Sunday 10:00 am - 11:00 am)              


Puppies under one year old are invited to our Sunday morning play sessions. (Mainly held in the outdoor compound but set up inside in bad weather)

These classes are available to pups currently enrolled on a puppy or adolescents course at The k9 Academy.

A suitable selection of agility equipment will be available to use, giving energetic puppies something else to do and think about.

This is a super opportunity for extra socialisation in a controlled environment. No need to pre-book, turn up and pay on the day.

Price 3:00 per session. (includes a cuppa)

K9 Member's Offer

Did you know K9 academy members can participate in additional classes for 3-00 per session?

Agility dogs are invited to brush up on their training and perhaps work towards their Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme Bronze, Silver and Gold awards.

Obedience dogs might like to try agility.

Very good for the figure – both handlers and dogs!

Don’t forget bright sparks! Dogs of all ages can join in.

Fun, games, tricks, routines to music, group activities and challenges.