All dogs lead to the K9 Academy

The K9 Academy was established in 2006 with a view to train dogs and enhance the experience of dog ownership. We believe better results are achieved when the training is fun and relaxed for both the handler and dog. The club is non competitive and the classes are primarily aimed at pet dogs using reward based training techniques.

Meet the Team

Joy Cook (APDT 552)


Joy has been involved in dog training for thirty years, competing in obedience with Border Collies, as well as owning a PAT dog who was a regular visitor to schools and youth groups. She has instructed training classes for almost twenty years and has been a member of the APDT since 1997. Joy is involved with bloodhound trials, winning senior stake and kennel club CC with her first bloodhound, she manages and judges at trials, and is also a breed club committee member. She is also a contact for bloodhound lifeline.

She is a KCGCDS listed examiner for bronze and silver awards.

Susan Candlish. (APDT 835)  


Susan has been involved in dog training for 18 years starting like most of us with her first puppy. The completion of the good citizen dog scheme bronze, silver and gold awards were the catalyst for sparking her interest in dog training. Since then Susan qualified as a member of the APDT and is a listed examiner for the KCGCDS bronze, silver and gold awards.

Susan carries out the pre-school puppy visits offered by the club and also does home boarding for puppies attending the K9 Academy.

Joan Corner.     

Joan is a kennel club judge who is able to award cc’s in Bloodhounds. She is a member of the Darlington Championship Show Committee and secretary of the Association of Bloodhound Breeders. Joan was a PAT dog assessor for 15 years and has assisted in bloodhound rescue and other breeds for many years. She regularly assesses KCGCDS tests at all levels.

Jan Holmes.


Jan is currently working towards APDT membership and has successfully completed KCGCDS bronze, silver and gold award with her collie Moss, and he and Jan were members of the Bronze display team at Crufts in 2009.

Moss  is a regular visitor at puppy class to assist in socialisation. They are both interested in Rally and have attended several courses on it.

Richard and Sandra Turnbull.


Richard and Sandra have two Flat Coated Retrievers who have both attained their bronze, silver and gold KCGCDS awards. Storm, their first Flat Coat who passed away earlier this year, also achieved these awards in his lifetime and was selected to be part of the silver display team at Crufts.

Richard and Sandra’s dogs are used to assess dogs new to K9 Academy due to their superb temperaments. They also run a home boarding and dog walking business, giving them experience in handling a wide variety of breeds.

Richard is working towards APDT membership. He is a committee member for the Association of Bloodhound Breeders, manages and judges at bloodhound trials, and has competed in novice and junior stakes

Nichola Kerr. 


Nichola is our puppy class helper, and has attended k9 academy for 4 years with her Keeshonds, both achieving their KCGCDS bronze, silver and gold awards.

Nicola has enjoyed success in the show ring with her dogs and has qualified for Crufts on several occasions

She has her own dog grooming business and is working toward APDT membership.


All of our trainers are committed to update and further their knowledge and attend training and behaviour workshops & seminars.